Vidit, Harikrishna and Praggnanandhaa set for Charity Cup

The second event of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour ‘2022 is named as the Charity Cup. This event is a UNICEF fundraiser and focuses on raising funds to support children and their families within or fleeing Ukraine. World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen tops the field along with three Indian players and also two female players.

Vidit, Harikrishna and Praggnanandhaa are the players competing in this event with Vidit and Harikrishna being 5th and 6th seed respectively. New players have been invited to participate in the event due to unavailability of few players as the event overlaps with FIDE Grand Prix Leg 3 and Russian players not included. FIDE Grand Prix winner Richard Rapport making his Tour debut along with two female players – Ju Wenjun and Lei Tingjie from China. Jan-Krzysztof Duda will replace Radek Wojtaszek who has unfortunately tested covid positive.

The Charity Cup starts at 18:00 CET (13:00 ET, 17:00 UTC, 22:30 IST) on Saturday, May 19th and once again features four days of Preliminaries, where the 16 players will play each other once on chess24 at 15+10 rapid chess before the Top 8 go forward to the Knockout stages.

Vidit is currently supported by ONGC, Persistent Systems, Black Lotus and Immortal Game.

Image credits – chess24
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