Vidit and 3 Indian GM’s gear up for Meltwater Champions Chess Tour – Goldmoney Asian Rapid event

Play Magnus Group has partnered with Goldmoney to present the next top event in world chess: the Goldmoney Asian Rapid. The star-studded line-up consists of 16 players, an array of 9 Asian talents participating in the event.

India will be represented by four Grandmasters – Vidit Gujrathi, B.Adhiban, Arjun Erigaisi, and D.Gukesh. Adhiban and Arjun obtained their seats at the event via Indian Qualifiers whereas Gukesh D qualified after winning the recent Gelfand Challenge tournament. China’s Hou Yifan, the world’s No.1 female player, will become the first woman to compete in the Tour.

The event is staged from 26th June onwards and will see 9 days of continuous chess action. Also, this is great news for Indian chess fans as all the games will begin from 4.30 pm IST onwards.


Pic Credits: Champions Chess Tour website

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