Proud to be the brand ambassador for the AICFB

On 10th of February I visited the National Premier Blind 2018 in Mumbai. I became the brand ambassador for AICFB – the national body for visually challenged chess players in our country. It was truly a memorable day as I met the players and spent some quality time with them understanding their struggles and listening to their amazing stories.

I felt proud to be the Brand Ambassador of AICFB (All India Chess Federation for the Blind) to promote blind chess in the country. Chess has given me so much in my life. It feels nice that I can contribute my bit to a noble cause.

I spent some quality time with the players of the blind National A taking place in Mumbai, and soaked in the entire environment. Friends, their struggle is real and we should surely recognize their achievements. Chess is the only sport in the world where the blind can play on par with the sighted. I will do my best to promote blind chess in India and I hope you will be with me on this journey.

Kishan Gangolli, Aryan Joshi, Ashvin Makwana, Gaurav Gadodia, Soundarya Pradhan, Prachurya Pradhan, Deeptyajeet De, Yudhajeet De, Marimuthu K, Swapnil Shah, Subhendu Kumar Patra, Krishna Udupa, Shirish Patil, Milind Samant – you are my heroes. Keep up your chess practice! 🙂 Charudatta Jadhav, you will always be an inspiration.

Photos taken by Amruta Mokal/ChessBase India

Arrived at the National Visually Challenged from Pune

I was in Pune for the Journey of a Super Grandmaster lecture. Thank you Abhijit (Kunte) Dada and Ashwin Trimal for organizing this.

Meeting your friend always feels good – CEO of ChessBase India Sagar Shah
Understanding the board used by the visually challenged players
Really loved those trophies
It was very nice meeting Kishan Gangolli, the absolute best player of Indian visually challenged chess
Interacted personally with all the players
The best visually challenged players of our country
Wiith Charudatta Jadhav, the President of AICFB and IBCA. He is 100% visually challenged but has a Ph.D, heads nearly 2000 people in TCS! I wonder how he manages to do so much! Hats off to this great man!
With team ChessBase India who did a fantastic job of covering the entire event
I went back with fond memories and something more!


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